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Pre Awareness tier 1 marketing

This blog post make will more sense if you have read my blog post on the overview of the purchase funnel

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Pre Awareness – This is almost exclusively social media & its like the conversation you have down the pub or at work on a global scale. The conversation normally starts with “have you seen this”

Why is it important? – All businesses spend a lot of money advertising goods and services, often in a very competitive market place. For many of your potential customers this maybe the first they have been introduced to your business.

For a large proportion of businesses there are massive advantages to establish your brand and expertise in your field building trust and rapport with potential clients before any type of advertising.

What Platform do I use? – That depends on who and where your clients are. If you are in the beauty industry then Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube or Blogging may be places to look at. If you sell insurance to the business market. Linkedin, blogging, or writing a column for a local business section of a paper or magazine.

What do I post? – Anything that is useful or interesting or funny to your client base, this will help build trust and brand awareness.

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How much does it cost? – Lots of people believe social media is free, it’s not, the time it takes to write, post, share content, could be time spent elsewhere. Make good use of your time and your resources. There are lots of scheduling tools so you can pre program content. Monitor and refine results to get a better ROI.

What do I get out of it? – Google is a dangerous place to let your potential customers poke around. 98% of searches on google are done by product. Not by company. Someone somewhere will always do it cheaper but cost is only half a story. If you can establish trust and rapport with potential clients making your brand the to go to place for that item. When they see your adverts the hard work is already done.
I could go on for hours about the benefits of effective marketing within the pre awareness stage but if you would like to know more. Please feel free to contact me.

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